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A history
that has been built
for over 60 years!

The Royale Dujardin spirit,
from rigor up to taste and quality.

Royale Dujardin is a family descended from a long line of artisan butchers and caterers.

We have always valued quality. From the selection of products to their presentation on the plate, our aim is to offer you the very best.

Almost 70 years later,
Royale Dujardin is a caterer
established in Brussels
and the surrounding area.

Our values


Quality is at the heart of our business. Every ingredient is carefully selected to create delicious, refined dishes. From the freshness of the products to their meticulous preparation, we are committed to offering you an exceptional culinary experience, where every mouthful is a real treat for your taste buds.


Our rigor is the key to our excellence. Every stage of our process is carried out with meticulous precision, from the planning of your events to the careful presentation of our dishes. Our experienced team goes to great lengths to ensure every detail is perfect, so that you can enjoy unforgettable moments tinged with professionalism.


You will be welcomed as a member of our family. Our business is founded on warm, human values. We believe that family cooking brings people together around the table and creates precious memories. It is with this caring approach that we design gourmet moments that will make you feel at home.


Every event is unique, which is why we offer tailor-made services adapted to your needs and preferences. Whether it’s a wedding, a business celebration or a private party, we create personalized menus to meet your expectations and offer you an unrivalled culinary experience, perfectly tailored to your tastes and desires.

Our team

Our team is much more than a catering team. It’s a passionate and dedicated family, linked by a passion for food and a desire to create unforgettable moments. Each member brings his or her know-how, creativity and rigor to bear on tailor-made events. Discover our talents and plunge into a gourmet universe where conviviality and excellence combine to make every event a real success.

Lieven Dujardin

Business Manager


Gourmet Chef and creator for over 20 years.


Gourmet Chef. In charge of the organization and work distribution for over 10 years.


In charge of all the logistics of the premises, equipment and HACCP standards for over 16 years.


Larder Chef for over 10 years.


Driver and responsible customer communications for over 20 years.